Gulf of Mexico / Gulf Coast

Vertical Production by Geologic Epoch

Summary – The graphic above presents vertical producing wellbores in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast Basin.

Most production in the region is sourced from Cenozoic-aged reservoirs (primarily Miocene and Oligocene Epochs), though Mesozoic-aged reservoirs have also produced significant hydrocarbon volumes.  Notable onshore reservoirs in Texas include the Frio, Vicksburg, and Wilcox.

VSO has evaluated development and exploratory projects located in the onshore Gulf Coast, inland waters, shallow water Gulf of Mexico, and deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

Methodology Overview – VSO sourced geologic and production data from IHS to prepare these maps.

Reservoir & Geologic Studies – VSO has completed extensive analysis of well performance and productivity throughout the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast Basin.  Additional reservoir and geologic capabilities include:

  • Assessment of Development Potential and Risks
  • Evaluation of Well Performance and Interference
  • Audits/Evaluations of Producing Assets
  • Reservoir Quantity Maps – Gross and Net Isopachs
  • Reservoir Quality Maps – Porosity, TOC, OOIP
  • Key Cross-Sections
  • Pressure Trends
  • Maturity & GOR Impacts

For additional information and assistance with Gulf Coast / Gulf of Mexico Basin studies, please contact our team (

Well Data Source: IHS

Basin Shapefiles: Modified from EIA