Geological Services

Other Services

Pre-Drill Intelligence

This service is the core focus of VSO. We provide a detailed pre-drill geologic summary of each well from surface to TD. This service includes identification of:

  • Depleted reservoirs
  • Faults
  • Hard rock zones
  • Historical casing seats
  • Injection intervals
  • Pressure
  • H2S
  • Notes on past cement jobs

Each piece of information is documented on maps and cross sections for the drilling team to reference during the drilling project. Clients receive every piece of information needed to design a successful well.

Horizontal Well Targeting

VSO can make recommendations on the optimal target interval for horizontal wells. To analyze the best target interval to maximize hydrocarbon recovery from your well, we will utilize all available data:

  • Regional well landing zones
  • Core
  • Logs and Petrophysics
  • Seismic

Directional Plans and Geosteering

We can generate an initial directional plan, and will keep this directional plan evergreen as the well drills ahead. We will support geosteerers throughout the drilling process to:

  • Guide the well path to stay in zone
  • Stay within regulatory and land boundaries
  • Stay out of hazard beds
  • Minimize severe doglegs

At the end of the well, we will summarize and document all data collected on the well to provide completion planning guidance.

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