The Marcellus Shale and Utica / Point Pleasant are the primary horizontal targets within the Appalachian Basin. These unconventional reservoirs are predominately gas-bearing.

  • Marcellus Shale – The Marcellus Shale is a world-class source rock and reservoir, and is the leading source of natural gas production amongst North American shale gas plays. The interval has been developed in a number of states, though most prominently in Pennsylvania.
  • Utica / Point Pleasant – The Utica interval overlays the Point Pleasant formation, and these zones are encountered below the Marcellus across a significant area of the Appalachian Basin. The Point Pleasant generally has more favorable reservoir characteristics for shale development (e.g., higher TOC and brittleness). Development of these intervals has been heavily concentrated in Ohio.
  • Other Horizontal Targets – Since 2008, Appalachian Basin Horizontals completed outside of the Marcellus or Utica / Point Pleasant have been relatively limited. However, these “other” horizontal tests have commonly targeted the Huron Shale.