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Data Room

VSO will make physical data room meetings with our clients and will review virtual data room materials for completeness and accuracy. In the case that supplemental or additional information is desired, VSO will provide a detailed list to the seller or advisory service.

Producing Property Evaluation

Producing properties often form the basis for existing cash flows and future net income projections. VSO will, where appropriate, review and revise: 1) production forecasts; 2) other forms of income (e.g., from midstream or royalty); 3) fixed and variable operating expense projections; 4) marketing contracts and volume commitments; and 5) commodity price differentials.  VSO is committed to ensuring that projections of volumes, revenues, expenses and marketing burdens tie back to historical accounting data.

Remaining Inventory

VSO can provide detailed subsurface geological mapping and petrophysics to shed light into extensional areas prospective for future drilling.  VSO also provides a detailed analysis of existing and future wellbore configurations, ensuring that spacing and sequencing are fully vetted during the underwriting process.


VSO can provide numerous and customized outputs at our client’s request to facilitate financial models. We also provide a detailed reconciliation of our work and provide clear documentation of our assumptions and workflow.