Midland Basin

The Midland Basin’s 1923 discovery well was the Santa Rita #1, located in Reagan County.  Relative to the Delaware Basin, today’s unconventional reservoir targets in the Midland Basin are generally shallower.  The Midland Basin offers numerous “stacked pay” intervals:

Wolfcamp – The Wolfcamp is typically divided further into Wolfcamp A, B, C, and D benches.  Additionally, due to its significant thickness in certain parts of the Basin, the Wolfcamp B is commonly sub-divided into the ‘Wolfcamp B Upper’ and ‘Wolfcamp B Lower.’  The Wolfcamp A and B intervals collectively comprise the ‘Upper Wolfcamp,’ and have been the most heavily targeted intervals by horizontal wellbores in the Basin.

Spraberry – The Spraberry is typically divided further into the Upper Spraberry, Middle Spraberry, Jo Mill, and Lower Spraberry intervals.  The Spraberry intervals emerged as key horizontal targets after initial horizontal development of the Wolfcamp.  Within this interval, the Lower Spraberry has been the most commonly drilled horizontal target.

Other Horizontal Targets – Since 2008, Midland Basin Horizontals completed outside of the Wolfcamp or Spraberry have been relatively limited.  However, there have been “other” horizontal tests both above the Spraberry (e.g., San Andres) and below the Wolfcamp (e.g., Devonian).